Monday, September 16, 2013

Harry's Jewey

Day 15 of the 30 in 30

On Saturday I started giving my dog a bath. It took me all day. First I had to catch him, He loves this 

game and then I brush him then I catch again to walk him to calm him down before I wash him. When

 we come home I need to catch him to wash him while he tells me how unreasonable I am being. He

 does not like being washed and tells me about it, so making it  take longer. When done I wrap him in a 

heated towel then he runs around barking to be chased and play fetch Lewey style. Lewey style is he

runs after the ball and barks until I throw it , which again requires me chasing him with the ball in his 

mouth. After an hour or so he is dry enough to brush out again and start giving him a cut. He has one 

side done now and it is a work in progress. About Harry's Jewel I just thought the boat's red liner 

looked jewel like and I thought the owner would think so too.

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